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Corrugated display racks become each big stores bearing media advertising new products

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Corrugated display is a POP (Point of purchase) display , also known as corrugated cardboard POP, is a new application attempts to paper packaging products to advertising media transformation , it has a direct impact on product sales . From the functional perspective, corrugated display should focus on generating attention, interest , desire, memory and other mental activities in a series of enabling consumers to purchase goods before . In addition to reflecting POP advertising on use of color , text and graphics , such as interior design elements function, but also must meet the display of goods , convey information and functionality as well as the sale of goods must have a personalized style and design . Therefore , as one of the corrugated board to extend product development direction is to make full use of corrugated corrugated cardboard display its own unique advantages, the use of alternatives to meet or exceed the functional use of alternatives to improve the function of creating a superior price to win customers .
 Foreign market outlook
   The prevalence of the use of corrugated display early Europe, widely used in food , cosmetic, household appliances, liquor and other industries. International Association Union POP than 30 years of history, in many parts of the world there are chapters and branches , but in Asia , currently the best clubs in India . Many European and American packaging company believes that by making corrugated display , can enhance the company's technology and enterprise sales capabilities, users and manufacturers therefore use very much. In Japan, Europe and other countries , with the rapid economic development, especially the growing voice of increased environmental protection , corrugated cardboard display is gradually replaced by other types of POP display stand for use in terminal sales market is very popular, it is because : United States and Europe consumer confidence is low on television advertising. In the U.S., television viewers can filter out the TV ad , actively choose not to see ads , so many foreign businessmen will not television advertising as the primary means of marketing . In the terminal sales, they are very focused on the role of POP display in hypermarkets using a variety of display promotions.
   The high cost of human resources abroad , rarely hire sales staff for product promotion activities in the supermarket , they are more willing to allow display advertising to do so have moving vehicle to act as a silent salesman , so that consumers through their own judgment, and not from outsiders indoctrination choose their goods.
    American and European countries a strong environmental awareness , corrugated display products are environmentally friendly , using corrugated display stand in favor of renewable resources and recycling , and therefore favored by consumers . Meanwhile, the government on the use of environmentally friendly, energy-saving products will give some preferential policies, such as subsidies , tax breaks and so on.
   World Cup 2006 held in Germany is largely driven by the demand for display , when walking in the streets of Germany , the World Cup publicity about eyeful display or merchandise display . STI Group in Hamburg, Germany is one of the world in the field of packaging and display a small number of family businesses , there are about 1,500 employees, with operations in six regions of Germany and the Czech Republic , with 16 countries throughout Europe sales channels . STI Group has two main business areas: corrugated packaging and POP display . Which , POP display production Grebenhain Priensternau and Neutraublrng region of Germany and the Czech Republic Rumkurk region .
   Should SCA Packaging has recently designed and produced a display rack unit package is Nestle ( Nestle ) Nestle bulk commodities . The display by a multi-layer structure display , scroll mount , flat display multicolor Nestle products . This new reality show on both sides of the panel shelf packaged beautifully printed using screen printing technology Nestle goods realistic pattern , with excellent presentation and publicity. Meanwhile, the British Surfit recently should also be Nestle ( Nestle ) innovative packaging requirements , the introduction of the new cheese cake display box. The unique packaging not only the structure but also practical, fully compliant transport packaging and sales packaging so that the technical requirements and quality requirements , with a high protection product features built- in transport performance ; sales performance, has the effect of superior shelf display the most suitable pastry sales package .
  Milwaukee , Wisconsin, USA Baird is a company specializing in the design and manufacture of various shapes and sizes display companies. The company was founded in 1933 , from the 50s of last century began making advertising display , in addition to production using corrugated panels , but also production, including plastic, metal and wood and other types of display . The display can also be based on customer requirements, using the battery and motor operated control switch is pressed , display will make all kinds of colorful lights and dynamic picture . Currently , Baird 's display in addition has a large customer base in the United States , but also exported to Canada, Mexico , the Caribbean Islands and Central America and other countries and regions.
Domestic market outlook
   In China, the development is still in its infancy corrugated display , beginning in about 2000 in the domestic market , then they quickly swept the big supermarkets some of the more economically developed coastal cities , shopping malls and other places. After the year 2002 , corrugated display in the country , in cities and medium-sized supermarkets, shopping malls has been widely used , a variety of promotional merchandise , stacked , almost can see a variety of corrugated display , the style has been from a single floor-standing cabinet display development , wall-mounted , Duitou other styles , and its unique, effects and strong visual impact , becoming the supermarkets carry advertising and new media marketing to promote Zhongyou means .
Corrugated cardboard display stand is a diversified development direction
   Our country is the largest producer of corrugated cardboard , paperboard production ranks second in the world . However, China's production of corrugated board is mainly used for the packaging of goods , rarely develop other products, while the developed countries have already made ​​from a single sheet of corrugated boxes, diversified product development. Simplification using cardboard to make a huge lack of timely production of digestion, excess capacity , and therefore , the diversified development of the strategic transformation of cardboard paper products, packaging enterprises is particularly important. Currently, a wide range of products in addition to corrugated cardboard display, paper asked outside the box , paper furniture ( tables, chairs , etc. ) and paper building ( house pets , etc. ) there are a few companies in research and development.
Corrugated cardboard display is the highlight of enterprise innovation development
   The face of today's market product homogeneity is more serious, the consequent increasingly fierce price war , companies can only take the innovative , differentiated way , in order to get rid of the plight of the industry , to create the greatest value. Corrugated display as an extension of high value-added corrugated board products, more and more attention carton manufacturers . Shanghai foreign trade sector -color printing plant to meet the domestic market demand for high-end glossy packaging , the introduction of the Swiss Eich emerald cardboard production line . Since the production line , changing the micro- corrugated packaging products has been dependent on foreign imports of the passive situation , the production of POP display stand , paper toys and other fine stationery storage box , environmentally friendly products has been welcomed by many well-known domestic and foreign enterprises , such as Johnson & Johnson enterprise , the Walt Disney Company , Cadbury , Want Want Group , Tingyi , Procter & Gamble, KFC , etc. , have requirements under a single supplier .
Competition in the industry development boom spawned corrugated display
   Domestic corrugated box industry is fiercely competitive, rising raw material prices , lack of corrugated boxes falling prices and profits of conventional products have been approaching the bottom line, letter to be extended through the development of corrugated board product characteristics of the road out of a carton of enterprise development. At present , many domestic corrugated box industry in addition to corrugated board packaging purposes, which extended care products such as paper boxes, display and other small quantities , it is difficult to form scale. In this regard, some of the carton factory adjustment of product structure , using its own equipment and technology advantages , specializing in the production of corrugated display , hoping to generate more profits. According to incomplete statistics , the domestic production of corrugated display enterprises have more than 150 professionals , mainly in Shanghai , Shenzhen, Beijing , Zhejiang and part of the city , others carton plant also use their own advantages, for a number of clients in the overall design of packaging solutions corrugated display , but in terms of quality and professionalism and expertise of the manufacturers are still some gaps .
Corrugated display terminal sales market will become an integral part of advertising carrier
   At present, the rapid rise of supermarkets and hypermarkets developed rapidly throughout the country has primary, secondary urban markets , and occupy part of the coastal areas of three , four urban markets , become the main terminal sales market . In the increasingly fast pace of life and the formation of " one-stop" shopping habits , the hypermarkets advantage by virtue of the scale of operations and provide consumers with high-quality low-priced goods and a lot of good shopping environment , has been firmly establish commodity terminal sales dominance.
   Supermarket corrugated display can be achieved using the following purposes : forming stores momentum , as is often the extensive use of corrugated display , can form massive shock waves throughout the store publicity ; achieve psychological implications , corrugated display with its simple , lightweight characteristics, mostly in repeated the same store , so often give a strong psychological hints dominate the market ; strengthen communication and interaction , corrugated display with simple forms and bright , eye-catching in design simplicity , rich visual communication effectiveness , and its popular modeling and text easy to understand, easy to read , with interesting and good intuition aesthetic effect, therefore , corrugated display showed good affinity, and customer and therefore full and comprehensive communication.
   Corrugated display terminal sales market will be indispensable advertising carrier, its domestic development prospects are very optimistic.
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