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Paper shelf / paper display stand with improved product image and corporate reputation

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    Paper shelf / paper display with high economic value, for any form of management of commercial establishments, have to attract customers, the role of promotional merchandise. Meanwhile, the enterprise also has to improve the product image and corporate reputation role. Paper shelf / paper display has the following features:
Informed of new products 
Most of shelf paper / paper display belong to inform new product advertising. When a new product for sale, along with other mass media, the use of shelf paper / paper display places in the sales promotion activities to attract the attention of consumers, stimulate their desire to buy. 
Attract customers into the store 
Two-thirds of people are making purchasing decisions in the interim the actual purchase, it is clear that the flow is proportional to the sales of its retail customers. Therefore, shelf paper / paper display promotional first step is to introducing accesible. 
Customers stopped cited 
How to attract customers' attention and sparked interest in the product, shelf paper / paper display can rely on its innovative design, brilliant colors, unique idea caused by the customer in the form of attention, so that linger for advertising goods and thus generate interest. Ingenuity, striking shelf paper / paper display can often play an unexpected effect. In addition, field operations, trial samples, free samples and other forms of advertising in-store activities, but also greatly mobilized the interest of customers, to induce the purchase motivation.
Procure the final purchase
Inspire customers ultimately buy a shelf paper / paper display core effect. To this end , we must seize the customer's point of concern and excitement. In fact, the previous work is to promote the induction of the final purchase of the customer based on the customer's purchase decision is the result of a process, as long as done in the promotion process , the result is naturally produced.
Replace salesman
Paper shelf / paper display has a "silent salesman " and " most loyal salesman " reputation. Paper shelf / paper display frequently used environment is a supermarket , and the supermarket is optional purchase, in the supermarket , when consumers face a lot of merchandise but not from the start when , placed around the product an excellent shelf paper / paper display , faithful , continue to provide product information to consumers , to attract consumers to play , contributed to its purchase commitment to the role .
Create an atmosphere sales
Intense use shelf paper / paper display colors, beautiful patterns , highlighting the shape, humor, action , accurate and vivid advertising language , you can create an atmosphere of strong sales , attract the consumer's attention to impulsive buying .
Enhance the corporate image
Paper shelf / paper display with other ads, you can play in a sales environment to establish and enhance the corporate image , so as to maintain the role of a good relationship with the consumer . Paper shelf / paper display is corporate visual identity is an important content. Retail businesses can shop logo, standard characters, standard color , corporate identity design, promotional posters, slogans and other forms of paper made ​​shelf / paper display , in order to shape the distinctive corporate image.
Holiday Promotions
Paper shelf / paper display with the holidays is an important means of promotion . In a variety of traditional and modern festivals , shelf paper / paper display can create a festive atmosphere . Paper shelf / paper display for the holiday sales season played a role in fueling.

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