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Paper display rack-business value

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Paper display rack business value :

  1. paper display rack appearance can be color printing , is an excellent advertising vehicle ;
  2. All paper display rack ( or mainly ) by printing paper and paperboard of high hardness , enough to carry promotional merchandise, paper shelf can load 120KG maximum weight , and meet stringent environmental requirements ;
  3. paper display rack surface is the result of light plastic, varnished handle , can be waterproof .
  4. paper display rack for a variety of large-scale promotional activities , stores, shopping malls, exhibition , etc. , pattern, color, shape can be freely creative design , publicity excellent results ;
  5.  paper display rack lightweight, smoothing stacked transport logistics cost savings can repeatedly use ;
  6.  Paper display economy is very practical, vendors use, and other factors such as improved product design, easy to deal with the results of the recovery department.
  7. Paper display rack economical and extremely practical , vendors use, as a result of factors such as improved product appearance design , easy disposal recycling sector .
  8. Paper display rack conveniently transported directly from the supplier to the final after loading the origin point of sale unpacked sales, cost savings stowed repeated aliquots.
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