Don't leave them inside the locker, show them off.

Customization was clearly a key focus for Nintendo with the release of Splatoon 3. The amount of mind boggling customization will take fans countless hours to grind through.  Rustic Wrapping Paper

How to get holographic weapon stickers for your Splatoon 3 lockers - Dot Esports

Players can upgrade weapons, skins, hairstyles, and even spice up your lockers in the newest installment of the Splatoon franchise. Test out different variations of lockers, making them larger, changing the colors, and adding stickers to the front to separate yourself from the average Splatoon player.

The locker room is another place players can have free reign, getting as creative as they want, and making it their own. 

Lockers are found at Deca Towers, inside Inkopolis Square, with fans being able to toss in all the gear they’ve collected playing Splatoon 3. Once you’re in Deca Towers, press X to enter the battle lobby.

The locker room is positioned on the right once you enter the lobby.

To get your holographic weapon stickers stuck nice and pretty on your lockers, players will have to focus on their weapon freshness. 

By playing with different weapons and beating opponents, players can earn more freshness points. Each weapon has its own weapon freshness level. Players will have to increase their levels to two and three to get their holographic weapon stickers.

How to get holographic weapon stickers for your Splatoon 3 lockers - Dot Esports

Brick Wallpaper Now Splatoon players can stick as many as they want all over their lockers.