3 2 2018

Case of edible oil paper shelves

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Golden dragon fish edible oil paper shelf: terminal promotion, the effect is good
In todays society, the "eyeball economy" and "terminal winning" more and more markets, product sales also entered the "seckill" era -- the market of a product can attract customers, consumers pay attention to the product depends on the first few seconds. As a result, the producers and sellers of the products pay more and more attention to the brand and display of the products. Behind this huge interest chain, a new cultural and creative industry arises spontaneously, which is the "promotional paper shelf" industry.
In the terminal market, the paper shelves are mainly playing the role of showing the products style and attracting the consumers eyeballs. In order to achieve the purpose of promotion, even to achieve high sales of products, to become a tool for commodity promotion. If marketing is a language art, then the use of media to disseminate information, that is the visual art! In the terminal, the media which is the most intuitively conveyed to the visual information of the consumer is the paper shelf with the nature of the advertisement. Can be designed to meet the personalized products and advertising copy on the surface of paper shelf, printing on paper shelves is exquisite, highlighting the commodity play zhaofengyindie to charm. That is, the advertising efficiency of paper shelves, the publicity of paper shelves can build enterprise brand at the terminal, improve the corporate image, and can create high sales volume.
Let me give you one example: Kerry oil (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. edible oiled paper shelves in Ya paper shelf company made the supplier (arowana edible oil bottle shaped) with promotional theme, emphasizing flagship product image. According to the company, the amount of the golden dragon fish paper shelves will increase to several hundred at the end of the terminal marketing. Golden dragon fish paper shelf paper manufacturers choose elegant shelves, and in the address provided by the factory direct uniform distribution around the store, which directly by the factory also reduces the logistics cost to each terminal stores. In order to ensure the consistency of arowana edible oil paper shelves in size, picture and color etc, in the design, to determine the main color according to the main product color, paper shelf size test stores the size of the venue, sales and other factors to decide. When the oil is placed together, the weight of the oil is heavy, so how do you do it well? The designers of Ya Cai make use of the characteristics of bottle shape, and erect a column in the middle, and extend four supporting points from four sides, so as to achieve the bearing effect. Since the product market has been received good results, beautifully printed patterns of paper shelves in the supermarket is very eye-catching, it not only has a company Logo, but also has the name of India to sell products, not only to promote the sales of the product, and to highlight the image of the enterprise, the use of paper goods frame is definitely value for money.

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