Pre-sale service
It provides the preliminary field survey for free, and obtains the specific data of the scheme.
With customer as the center, we provide a variety of feasible solutions for customers to choose.
The customer satisfaction solution.
Cooperate with customers to sign related contract agreement.
Sale service
According to the national industry standard of the product, the production and installation.
We invite customers to accept and accept the customers opinions and Suggestions, and submit the product acceptance report.
Complete the training of product use and submit the product instruction manual.
To provide information consulting services related to the project and related supporting products.
After-sales service
The warranty service: the product carries out lifelong maintenance, regular inspection, provides the necessary spare parts quickly.
Telephone support: set up a customer hotline and time to deal with customers queries.
On-site service: received notification of repair, quickly arrived at the customer site to solve the product problem.
Service: set up the customer profile, and carry out a full range tracking service for the products.

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