3 2 2018

Chocolate display

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Won in the end - Kinde chocolate display case

In todays increasingly fierce battle for terminal war, how can we stand out in various promotional techniques and give consumers a different general sense of sensory stimulation? We see that the big noise of the type of promotions in the terminal can produce the effect is gradually reduced, consumers have been "numb", rely on these numbers, the formation of monstrous momentum immunity, no longer easily to buy it. Moreover, this means of promotion also needs more resources to invest. With the increasingly rational consumption habits of consumers, the disproportionate input and output also perplexers many planners and executors.   
So, can we change a kind of practice, do not need large investment, and can achieve the purpose of promoting promotion? For example, I believe we are very familiar with the Kinde chocolate? See how it does it. Candy chocolate as an impulsive purchase of goods, the consumers impulse buying rate is as high as 70%. In the chocolate market, more than 90% of the customers did not exceed 2 minutes before the shelf, and 90% of the impulsive buying interests decreased significantly after 10 seconds. How to seize this part of the target consumer group, do the finishing touches of the Kung Fu? Kinde products in the terminal display on the use of a seemingly simple but not easy to the three display principle, and shows a strong competitiveness in the terminal sales process.

One, a wide range of distribution - buy it
Kinde as fast consumer goods, emphasize the breadth of products in the channel structure in the channel distribution on the surface of the one hand, the target consumer can see the sales channels Kinde products -- Kinde products through continuous channel coverage, has been in the market to establish intensive sales network, as long as you walked into an air-conditioned facility the store to buy Kinde products, in the autumn season, even small grocery stores are often able to see the Kinde figure; on the other hand, in the target channel emphasizes product sales category as far as possible to complete, for the different needs of consumers can easily buy.
Two. Its obvious - see it
How do Kinde products first glance by consumers see? Kinde unified display space can not be Liegong chen. No matter in the international chain WAL-MART, Carrefour, Poole Smart, Century Lianhua, Hualian, or domestic Huarun chain business channel, Kinde through various forms of carefully designed display (such as paper Duitou, paper display, paper billboards), the first sight always attract consumers. Art exhibition can achieve uniform image, uniform color (seasonal updates, promotional activities to update hue), strong visual impact, and at the same time, with small and combined paper cabinets displayed on main shopping malls, to increase the outstanding display of single products. Unified operation on the art of Kinde products Monopoly display, so that consumers can strongly feel the temptation and charm of Kinde in that store. Kinde in terminal channel image like McDonalds, always affects every consumer.

Three, easy to do -- get it
In order to create an excellent display, Kinde developed a set of scientific and effective display standard. At least under the investment premise through the benefit sharing principle to strive for best display, the best place to seek opportunities for promotion display shelves; multiple display (display for checkout), regional display; proper display of products, properly marked clear price, and through the use of propaganda and other means, let consumers can be readily available and in the purchase process.

The successful case of Kinde chocolate that winning the terminal display we can see the display is not only to make the product more attractive, including brand image, product credibility, target customer groups, such as locking price impression factors directly affect consumers purchasing decisions. To win the terminal display space Liegong Chen did not, of course, also need to do to set off the leaves of safflower, the so-called green is specializing in the production of display terminal manufacturers (Shenzhen Ya color display products manufacturing Co. Ltd.)

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